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Editor Enhancer - The Best UI for Oxygen Builder
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Working smart means using the best tool.

  • Build better and faster with a suite of extensions.
  • Customize your experience in Oxygen Builder.
  • Thorough documentation.
Editor Enhancer is a WordPress plugin that extends Oxygen Builder. Both are required to use Editor Enhancer.

Included Extensions (Pro)


Customization Options


Bloated Code

Suite of Extensions and Preferences

Editor Enhancer comes packed with customizable features and extensions created just for Oxygen Builder. And, with updates so frequently, you'll think it's your birthday several times every month.

Copy & Paste Between Websites

One of the most popular extensions, Copy/Paste allows you to copy components and classes from one site to another. Even save the paste codes for use on future projects!

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

Save. Duplicate. Rename. Toggle panels. Toggle media queries. Add components from your keyboard. And, customize the action sequences for every action!

Viewport Enhancements

Using viewport extensions, add quick buttons to open advanced panels, right click for a quick menu, and speed up editor load times!

Admin Enhancements

Improve your workflow by adding much needed navigation drop downs, global color palettes in Gutenberg, and customizable template categories to keep things organized!
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Seamless. Bloatless. Customizable.

Enable or disable the features you want with simple toggles. Disabled extensions will not run, and their code will be ignored. You are the captain. This is your ship.

Ready to Enhance Your Workflow?

For a limited time, get access to the best enhancement plugin for Oxygen Builder with discount pricing. Copy and paste components. Improve workflow with keyboard shortcuts. Move styles from IDs to classes. And so much more!
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Editor Enhancer is a WordPress plugin that extends Oxygen Builder. Both are required to use Editor Enhancer.
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Did you know?

Dashboard Customizer is now available for purchase! For a limited time, grab it for just $19 LTD.
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Dashboard Customizer is a stand-alone plugin and is sold separately from Editor Enhancer.
Editor Enhancer - The Best UI for Oxygen Builder
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