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Working "smart" means using the best tools.

  • Created specifically for Oxygen Builder.
  • A suite of extensions to improve your workflow.
  • Loads of customization options to enhance your experience.
Editor Enhancer requires both Oxygen Builder and WordPress.
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Customization Options


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Enhance Your Workflow

Editor Enhancer comes packed with customizable features created just for Oxygen Builder. And, with updates so frequently, you'll think it's your birthday several times every month.

Move Styles from ID to Class

One of the most popular extensions, Class Companion is here to save the day when you accidentally add styles to ID.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

Save. Duplicate. Rename. Toggle side panels. Toggle media queries. And, customize the action sequence and keys!

Viewport Enhancements

Using viewport extensions, add quick buttons to open advanced panels, right click for a quick menu, and speed up editor load times!

Admin Enhancements

Improve your workflow by adding much needed drop downs, "Edit with Oxygen" links, and custom template categories - and more!
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Seamless. Bloatless. Customizable.

Enable or disable the features you want with simple checkboxes. Disabled extensions will not run, and their code will be ignored. You are the captain. This is your ship.
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Editor Enhancer - The Best UI for Oxygen Builder
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