Editor Enhancer - The Best UI for Oxygen Builder

The first and only user interface and experience enhancer for Oxygen Builder*.

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* Editor Enhancer Pro requires Oxygen Builder and WordPress to function. The names "Oxygen" and "Oxygen Builder" belong to Soflyy. Editor Enhancer is not officially endorsed by Soflyy, anyone at Oxygen, or WordPress.

Short list of features:

Three interface skins
Two panel positioning options
Open structure or edit panels on load
Choose click or hover actions
Open "Back To" links in new tabs
Customize keyboard shortcut keys
Enable auto-save and select time frames
Oxygen global colors in Gutenberg
Disable custom colors in Gutenberg
Disable transitions if you don't like them
Load key assets locally
Copy current selector to clipboard
Easier drag and drop in structure panel
Customize "Back To" links
And more being added every week!

Work faster. Enhance your experience.

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Great Features to Fall in Love With

Media Queries in the Middle

Do you hate having to click an element just to see the media query drop down? With Editor Enhaner Pro, media query toggles are easily accessible in the middle of the top bar. The viewport comes with a nice transition effect, too.
The media query selector is easily accessible
Improved structure panel

Drag Improvements

The structure panel has long been in need of some updates. Editor Enhancer Pro has removed excess to make drag and drop easier, along with some other improvements.

Work the Way You Want

The panel positioning option gives you the opportunity to to alter your workflow with a more streamlined, right-aligned approach. Or leave it in classic, separated mode.
Choose between classic and right panel positioning
Editor Enhancer - The Best UI for Oxygen Builder
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