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Editor Enhancer - The Best UI for Oxygen Builder
Post Date: August 11, 2022
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5.1.0 Release

EE 5.1 introduces the new Oxygen Builder CLI module and brings back Handy Text in all its glory!

We have built a brand new module called the Oxygen Builder Command Line Interface (OB-CLI)! Create layouts faster than ever with the power of Emmet, update IDs, add classes, and rename components. Click here for the full documentation, and watch the video below to see it in action.

This update also returns Handy Text as a module. It's back by popular demand. The documentation for that is back up and running here.

OB-CLI Introduction Video

5.1 Change Log

  • Revival: Handy Text has been re-added to the modules list.
  • New Feature: Oxygen Builder Command Line Interface (OB-CLI) is now available for use. Documentation available.

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