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Breakpoint Selectors Settings

Improve the breakpoint selectors (also known as media query selectors). Convert them to a row and optionally move them to the top bar.

If styles are applied to a breakpoint, a green indicator will be highlighted. To clear styles for a breakpoint, right click on it to reveal the red "x" icon. Click that icon to clear the styles.

Green indicators show styles have been applied. Right click on a selector to reveal button to clear styles.


Expand breakpoint dropdown to its own row

Show all of the breakpoint boxes with indicators either (1) below the id/class selection input or (2) in the top bar if that setting is also enabled. Note: To clear styles from a breakpoint, right click on the breakpoint to reveal the "x" delete button.

Move breakpoint dropdown to the topbar

Expand the breakpoint box (if not already enabled) and move it to the topbar for quick access.

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