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Class Companion

Your best friend when it comes to managing classes. With seven new operations, you'll be a class master.

Class Companion
Class Companion provides seven operations for class management.

Copy Styles

Click the "Copy" button to copy styles from the current selector (whether ID or class) to a new class. A dialogue box will open for you to enter a class name. Note, class names must follow the standard CSS naming conventions. This is the same for all other operations that request new class names.

Your new class will be automatically applied to the selected component. The styles that existed before copying will still exist.

Move Styles

Similar to copying styles to a class, clicking "Move" will also reset the styles applied to that selector. An additional dialogue will request you to confirm that you want to reset the styles for the selector.

Reset Styles

Clicking "Reset" will clear out the styles applied to the current selector. A dialogue will request your confirmation.

Additional Operations

Merge Classes: Take the styles on the current class and merge them into another class that already exists. A list of existing classes will open to select from. Duplicate CSS parameters (e.g. background-color) will be overwritten by the current class. This operation is only active for classes.

Push Styles: Take the styles on the current class and apply them to the underlying component ID. Duplicate CSS parameters will be overwritten by the class styles. This operation is only active for classes.

Permanently Delete: Remove the currently selected class everywhere. This is a shortcut operation for removing classes, rather than doing so from the selectors panel. The operation is handled safely by Oxygen and can be undone in History.

Copy Name: Copy the selector name to your clipboard. Helpful when using stylesheets and making sure you don't misspell any selectors.

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