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Context Switching

Note: In versions 4.x, Context Switching replaces the Tabulator extension from versions 3.x.This is a huge time saver.

One of the biggest complaints about Oxygen Builder is how slow the editor loads. When you want to switch to and edit another of your templates, you have to follow the minutes-long process. Context Switching resolves this by providing a three-column drop down of your templates, reusable parts, and pages, which you can click to load your templates in seconds without leaving the editor!

Additionally, a syncing button is available within the dropdown. You can leave Oxygen open in a separate tab and click the sync button to pull in all new data for context switching. You really don't have to leave or refresh the editor! This is essential in these situations:

  • You added a new page or template in WP Admin.
  • You selected a different template for a page's inner content.
  • You created a new reusable part from one of your components in the editor.
  • And countless others.

Use case: Experienced Oxygen Builder users know the frustration of needing to quickly modify a reusable part while editing a template that uses it. Since you cannot make direct changes to single reusable parts, you would need to switch over to its template - even for minor tweaks - which can take a couple minutes. Using Context Switching, however, you can load that reusable part, make your tweak, and switch back all within a matter of seconds.

The following GIF performs this use case in real time. Explanation: The hero section is a reusable part. While editing your Main template, you decide you want the change the background gradient. Using Context Switching, you switch to the editable reusable part template, make your change, save, then head back to your Main template. The new gradient color is now visible inside your Main template, and you can go on with your day.

Switch to reusable part from template. Make a change in the reusable part. Switch back.

Context Switching re-renders templates, so any changes that are made are live and current. Any global settings that have been changed are also live and current.

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