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Interface Settings

These settings also improve the experience by providing simple interface enhancements.


Compact Topbar: Re-render top bar buttons (e.g. structure, styles, etc) in a smaller, more-compact way. This preserves additional space.

Compact Topbar

Convert global settings button to dropdown: This is a sub-setting of Compact Topbar, which must be enabled to enable this. Rather than just a button to toggle the global settings panel, use a dropdown with shortcuts and helpful functions.

Display Template Context: When editing templates, display the name of the template with a direct link back to it. Note: This setting is automatically enabled when Context Switching extension is enabled.

Template context

Improve the Structure Panel: Drastic improvements for the structure panel including redesign, text indicators, improved drag and drop, prevent horizontal scrolling, and scroll-through.

Visual improvements for structure panel.

Display Font Weights as Row, Display Heading Tags as Row, Display Easy Unit Selectors: These three options display various options that are select drop down options as rows to reduce clicks.

Double Width of Library Flyout: From the Add+ section, double the width of the library flyout panel and make it two columns.

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