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Editor Enhancer - The Best UI for Oxygen Builder
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What is Editor Enhancer?

We all love Oxygen Builder for its lightweight output and clean code, but the workflow can become complicated or time-consuming. Editor Enhancer aims to do as its name intends: enhance the editor interface and experience of Oxygen Builder. It does this by seamlessly extending the Oxygen Builder interface with tools to improve your workflow. All extensions and settings are included in the Pro version of Editor Enhancer. 


Editor Enhancer does not force any opinionated settings or extensions on you. Every part  is modular and can be enabled or disabled as you prefer.

Interface & Viewport

The Oxygen Builder editor has two distinct sections: interface and viewport. Each section may have different extensions or settings available. The following image depicts where the documentation will be referring to as interface (in green) and viewport (in blue).

Interface and Viewport
Screenshot shows separate sections of the builder. The "interface" is shown in green and the "viewport" is shown in blue.

The editor also has some popups for settings, conditions, and media - among other things. These are also included and referenced by the term "interface."


  • Usage: As of the last update, the Editor Enhancer Pro plugin is powering more than 1,800 websites.
  • Plugin Size: The on-disk, unzipped size of the editor-enhancer plugin folder is only about 850kb.
  • Active Files: Two JavaScript files are loaded for Editor Enhancer in the Oxygen Builder editor: viewport.bundle.js and builder.bundle.js. These are approximately 49kb and 103kb compressed, respectively. No CSS or other files are loaded.
  • Speed: Each of those two files loads quickly with no observable difference in load speed. The average speed on test systems has been less than 100ms each.
  • Author: Editor Enhancer is developed and maintained by Max Zimmer.

Enhance Your Workflow

Get flowing with Editor Enhancer's suite of extensions and settings that immediately improve your workflow and editing environment.
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Editor Enhancer - The Best UI for Oxygen Builder
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