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Optimize your editing experience by disabling plugins while you're editing in Oxygen. Disabling plugins is not the same as "deactivating" plugins. This extension simply prevents plugins from loading. This also can help to speed up Oxygen editor load time.

For example, if you use a GDPR cookie consent plugin that displays on every page, you may want to simply disable it so it's not in the way while you edit.

From the WP Admin, go to your Editor Enhancer settings and select "Optimizer" tab. From there, choose to disable plugins in either the viewport or interface.

Disable plugin in interface and viewport

Optimizer generates a file in the must use plugins directory, found in wp-content > mu-plugins. This is loaded before all other plugins so it can switch off the ones you disabled.

If you experience any issues with Optimizer, click the link on the Optimizer admin page that says "Click here to rebuild it." This will regenerate the must use file. Optimizer may change between editions and may require this operation to be performed from time to time.

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