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Finally, a drafting system for Oxygen Builder! A snapshot is a complete copy of your template build state, including all components, ID styles, classes, and class styles that as they currently are. Saved snapshots are stored as post meta data. Each snapshot has the following options:

  • Restore: Restore a snapshot to overwrite your current template build with the components and classes that you snapped.
  • Duplicate: Create a copy of a snapshot so you can keep building, but reserve a snapshot to revert back to.
  • Save/Unsave: Save the snapshot in your database so you can come back to it later. Saved snapshots will be indicated with a bright green, vertical bar to the left of its name.
  • Rename: Change the generated snapshot name to something more meaningful.
  • Edit Description: Descriptions add context and reminders for your snapshots. To view a snapshot's description, hover over the snapshot. Descriptions are included as title attributes for the snapshot itself.
  • Delete: Completely remove the snapshot. If the snapshot is also saved, it will be unsaved before deletion. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Usage: Open the snapshots panel by clicking the snapshot icon in the top bar. To create a snapshot, simply click the "Create Snapshot" button in the snapshots panel. Saved snapshots will be displayed first. The most current snapshot is indicated with a blue background. Note: The current snapshot is not necessarily identical to your current build, and it is possible that no snapshot will be current and therefore you won't see any blue snapshot.

Snapshots is the perfect tool for drafting new template variations and A/B testing.


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