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Viewport Context Menu

Access common operations from the viewport. Simply right click anywhere in the viewport to open the context menu. If you have hotkeys enabled for the operations, your hotkey configurations will be displayed next to the selections.

Right click in viewport to open context menu.


Add Component: Open a submenu to add basic components.

Duplicate: Create a copy of the selected component right next to it.

Set Conditions: Open the conditions dialogue to begin setting conditions for the selected component.

Rename: Open a dialogue to enter a new name for the selected component.

Wrap with div: Wrap the selected component with a div block.

Wrap with link: Wrap the selected component with a link wrapper.

Make reusable: Convert the selected component to a reusable part. Opens a dialogue to request a name for the reusable part.

Delete: Remove the currently selected component. Can be undone with Oxygen's undo and History.

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