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Class Companion

Extend Oxygen Builder with functionality to reset an ID, or copy/move styles from an ID to a new class.

Functions & Features

Reset ID Styles

As the name suggests, reset the styles of an ID back to blank. This will remove all styles within the highest page width only, not for smaller media query sizes. For those, simply use the "X" icon.

Copy ID Styles

Copy the styles set on the selected ID to a new class. An alert will pop up for you to enter your class name. Class names must be valid CSS class names; if not, nothing will happen. All styles, including media query selectors, will be copied.

Move ID Styles

This is a shortcut function to copy ID styles to a new class and then reset the ID.

Clip Current Selector

Whether working on an ID or a class, click "Clip" to copy the selector name to your clipboard for easy pasting elsewhere.
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