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Copy / Paste

Extend Oxygen Builder with functionality to copy and paste components and classes:

  • among components.
  • within sections.
  • between templates.
  • from one website to another.

Ten possible actions are added (described below), which also add available keyboard shortcuts to customize and right-click options.

Browser Support

The Copy/Paste extension uses the latest, most secure methods for accessing clipboard data. Chromium-based browsers (like Chrome, Edge, and Opera) and Safari provide this out of the box. Other browsers, like Firefox, may not. Copying should always work across browsers. Support will be improved over time.

Functions & Features

HTTPS Protocol

First, Copy/Paste requires a secure protocol to function properly. If you do not typically run on HTTPS, simply add "https://" before the editor link in your browser and press enter to reload it. SSL is not required.

Paste Codes

Copied data is saved to your clipboard as a "Paste Code" that can be used over and over again. The more data that is included with your copy (for example, copying an entire, complex section with all classes and styles), the larger your result will be. Paste Codes are not associated with your website URL, and you can save them in a text file for later use or share them with others. Editor Enhancer will also be providing professional Paste Codes over time through modules and blogging.

Copy/Paste Mechanisms

Ten possibilities for copying and pasting come with this extension. Additionally, the right-click menu is updated with its options regardless of the Right-Click Menu extension being enabled. And, Keyboard Shortcuts are made available for each of the options.

The rest of this documentation covers Copy/Paste functions from the perspective of the Right-Click Menu. Left-most buttons are more basic, and right-most buttons are more advanced.

Copy Components

The first row of options will copy data for the following (from left to right):

1. Structure Only: Component structure, including structures for any descendants, as well as styles applied to IDs.
2. Structure & Class Names: Number 1, plus class names applied to copied components.
3. Structure & Class Styles: Number 2, plus all styles associated all class names.

Paste Components

The second row of options follows exactly the same progression as described in the "Copy Components" section. You may paste lower (to the left) from the respective item you've copied. For example, by copying with option three ("Structure & Class Styles") you can paste down with any of the options. However, if you were to copy with just option one, you will only be able to paste with option one.

Copy Classes

You may find the need to copy a list of classes from one component to another. The options in this row are for single components:

1. Class List: Copy the entire list of classes applied to the selected component. (Does not include descendants).
2. Class List + Styles: Number 1, plus all styles associated with the classes. This is perfect for copying a class list between different websites.

Paste Classes

The final row of options follows the same progression as described in the "Copy Classes" section. Like with the "Paste Components" function, you can paste down, but not up.

Paste Errors in Console

If you go to paste components or classes and nothing happens, it's likely that there is an error with either where or how you are pasting. Verbose errors will be logged in the console for you to investigate. Common errors will be due to specific components not be allowed as children in your selected parent. For example, trying to paste a non-DIV component directly inside a Columns component, or a Header Row anywhere other than inside a Header Builder.
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