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Extend Oxygen Builder with a simple management tool to disable specific plugins while editing with Oxygen. Plugins like social sharing icons or cookie notices are annoying while working on designs, and plugins like payment gateways or analytics load unnecessarily and slow down the editor environment.

Disabling plugins will not change any of your settings. Editor Optimizer simply prevents your specified plugins from loading.

File Creation: After enabling Editor Optimizer, EEP automatically adds a new file to your website's Must Use Plugins directory. If this directory does not already exist, EEP will create it before adding the file.

Troubleshooting: If you find that this extension is not working, it is possible that EEP lacks sufficient permissions from your server to create the directory and file mentioned above. To remedy this, you will need to take a few steps to set up Editor Optimizer (formerly called "Viewport Optimizer").

Functions & Features

Admin Submenu Link

Editor Optimizer includes its own admin page for simplified management. From WP Admin, go to Editor Enhancer > Editor Optimizer to access settings.

Admin Page

The admin page has two sections. The first list is for your currently active plugins. The default action for all plugins is "No action." Adding and removing plugins will not affect your settings, nor will disabling plugins affect their settings.

You will find three possible options for each of your plugins. The term "Viewport" is used to describe the visual website area where all your designs are rendered. The interface is the outer area with all the settings and options available by Oxygen. These are distinct areas in the Oxygen editor.
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