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Handy Text

Extend Oxygen Builder with a new textarea box in the styles panel for headings and text. Quickly edit your text contents without needing to double click and modify in the viewport.

Functions & Features

Text Area

Typing in the textarea box will update the text in the viewport live so you can immediately see changes. Similarly, editing your text in the viewport will live-update the text in the Handy Text textarea box.

Span Tags

Span tags can be a pain to manage in any editor. It is not recommended to edit tags or their contents inside of a parent text element; doing so could cause errors in formatting that you will need to redo. Instead, edit the span tag contents individually.

Non-Selectable Text Components

If you accidentally delete all the text in your text or heading component, they may be rendered non-selectable. Simply select the component from the structure panel and start typing in Handy Text to bring them back!
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