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Session Snapshots

Extend Oxygen Builder with functions to preserve session states that you can revert back to while editing your template or page. Snapshots do not currently save to the database and are to be used within single sessions. Undo and redo will destroy later redo options if you make a change, and Session Snapshots is your way around to test out different designs and structures.

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Functions & Features

Snapshots Panel

Toggle the Session Snapshots panel with the included button in the top bar. The panel consists of a button to create a new snapshot and the list of your snapshots and their options.

Create Snapshot

Create a copy (snapshot) of your current structure, styles, and classes states. You can revert back to it later. Note, snapshots are not stored in the database.

Restore Snapshot

Restore a copy of a previous state for your structure, styles, and classes. This will overwrite your current states, so be sure to create a snapshot before restoring if you wish to jump back and forth.

Rename Snapshot

Create a nice name for your snapshots for quick identification. Clicking this button will prompt you to enter a title in an alert box. Blank names will revert to the default, which is a timestamp.

Delete Snapshot

Remove a snapshot from your Session Snapshots list. Deleted snapshots cannot be recovered.
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