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Extend Oxygen Builder with internal tabbing so you can switch between templates without leaving the editor. Tabs are docked above the viewport for easy access.

Functions & Features

Tabulator Dock

When enabled, the Tabulator dock is found between the viewport and the top bar. Initially, you'll see just the plus icon, which you can hover over to add items to the dock.

Templates Drop Down

Hover over the plus icon to reveal a drop down list of available templates for you to open and modify. Click an item in the list to add it to the Tabulator Dock. Templates that are already added to the dock are grayed out and unclickable.


Click on a tab title to open a different template while within Oxygen editor. Click the "X" to remove the tab from the dock. Note that some items, like the "reference and link to currently editing" preference, will not be updated when switching tabs.

Inheritance Indicator

Items marked with the Inheritance Indicator inherit from another template - like a main or catch all with inner content - and are a little special. If your initial load of the Oxygen editor opened with one of these, then you will only be able to open and modify templates with inheritances during your session. Otherwise, the indicator is simply a reference and you can open and modify any template.

The reason for this is how one of the loading parameters works. Currently, a workaround has not been developed.

Saving & Loading Templates

You've probably seen this confirmation dialog before while working with Oxygen Builder. If you have not saved the template you are currently editing, you will see a pop up notification asking if you'd like to leave. Click "OK" to continue without saving the current template. Click "Cancel" to close the pop up so you can save.

If you are not sure, always err on the side of caution and save your work! Switching tabs without saving will almost certainly result in lost changes.
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