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What Are Extensions?

Unlike preferences, which generally restyle, rearrange, or repurpose items already provided by Oxygen Builder, Editor Enhancer extensions provide features and functions that do not exist in the native Oxygen Builder framework.

For example, Oxygen makes standard IDs and classes available for styling, but has no methods for copying or moving styles from an ID to a class. Thus, Class Companion extends Oxygen Builder to provide this functionality.

How to Identify Extensions

Extensions will also be found in Editor Enhancer's preferences page, marked with a star symbol, and are of bold type. Most extensions will be fully active once enabled, though a couple will require a little configuring. Keyboard Shortcuts, for example, will reveal its dedicated settings page once it has been enabled from the preferences page. This helps to maintain modularity for future improvements.

Extensions Are Included

One of the most frequently asked question regarding extensions is whether they are included with Editor Enhancer - and the answer is YES! All extensions will always be included within Editor Enhancer.

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