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Post Date: July 18, 2022
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Editor Enhancer 5.0 Release Candidate (RC) #1

5.0.0 RC 1 released to resolve issues with Snapshots and other various smaller items.

To download the release candidate, sign into your account and you will see the RC 1 download link. Only users who have purchased EE will be able to see the release candidate notice.

Bugs & Notices

The RC performs well for tested environments. Note that not all environments or third party plugins have been tested against these updates. I've listed all items below that I'm aware of.

  • Setting: Enable User Reauthorization will show a 200 error when saving after signing back in.
  • Setting: Change Default Video will sometimes render a cross-origin error for some video hosts.

Release Candidate #1 Change Log

  • Bug Fix: Resolved issue with Snapshots call to AJAX during restore of a snapshot.
  • Bug Fix: Object length errors resolved for Snapshots.
  • Bug Fix: Snapshots accurately display current snapshot indicator if restored or created.
  • Improvement: Added a user experience overlay for Snapshots actions to indicate what is happening.
  • Improvement: Matching Oxy4 colors for Snapshots toggle button and panel items.
  • Bug Fix: Issue #1 - (no title):

Also Included - Beta 1 Change Log

  • Bug Fix: Issue in Style Flow where a style could not be removed if also currently selected.
  • Improvement: Admin page style changes.
  • Improvement: Context Switching UI/UX update to provide semantics for refresh button.
  • Improvement: Color matching for Oxygen v4.
  • Improvement: Minor a11y improvements on admin pages.
  • Improvement: Snapshots hotkey settings fields only appear when Snapshots module is enabled.
  • New Feature: Hotkey added to toggle Style Flow modal is available when Style Flow is enabled.
  • Improvement: New React structure for all components to share resources.
  • Deprecation: Handy Text is no longer a feature or function of Editor Enhancer, since Oxygen now provides this functionality.
  • Improvement: Hotkeys Map in builder has a new interface display.
  • Bug Fix: Gutenberg front end color palette generates inline CSS.
  • Bug Fix: Add+ accordion to tab replacement render errors in console have been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Media query selector bar no longer renders text in Oxygen 4.0 rc 1.
  • Bug Fix: Optimizer page no longer uses non-conforming arrays for PHP 8.0.
  • Bug Fix: Back To WP Links for Oxygen Templates was linking to WP Templates (blocks), now correctly directs to ct_templates.
  • Bug Fix: Various PHP 8.0+ fixes for admin pages.
  • Bug Fix: Setting to fast forward the extra library panel rendered error in Oxy 4.0.
  • Improvement: Viewport Context Menu now has fixed width.
  • Bug Fix: Viewport Context Menu now afixes itself to the right and/or bottom of the screen if right click is close to the edges.
  • Bug Fix: Viewport Context Menu submenu pushes to left side instead of right when screen edge is overlapped.
  • Bug Fix: In Oxy4.0, the padding/margin unit selectors are synced and lined up.

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