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General Aesthetics

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Easy Selectors
Selectors for font size, font weight, and heading tags have been re-imagined to reduce clicks.
Reduced Top Bar Text
Text in the top bar that paired with buttons has been converted to icons with title tags. This reduced the amount of space taken up by these buttons, while still telling you what they do.
Easy Movement in Structure Panel
Oxygen's structure panel is awesome! But sometimes it doesn't play nicely when moving components. Editor Enhancer makes moving components easier by removing a few hidden objects.
Settings Dropdown
Open the settings sub-panel you need with a single click.

Added to the bottom of the list you'll also find a button to "Rebuild DOM." This is useful in resolving ghost/unselectable items in the Structure panel that, while rare, have been found to be caused by major duplications, span deletions, and various other items. Typically, you'd need to save and refresh the page to resolve these.

Included Extensions

Note: Extensions are NOT separate plugins. They are included with your Editor Enhancer license at no extra cost. Further, extensions can be disabled or enabled as you prefer.
Session Snapshots

Session Snapshots gives you the ability to go back in time! Take a snapshot of your current build, then keep editing. Restore, rename, update, and delete your snapshots to help improve your workflow. Snapshots are currently usable during single sessions; the snapshots will disappear if you leave the editor or close the browser. Styles are preserved between snapshots, meaning any changes to class/ID styles remains the same. Database saving and style-snapping is coming soon!

Class Companion

Class Companion adds several essential buttons to the editor/styles panel to help you manage your styles! Included features are:

  • Copying the current selector.
  • Resetting ID styles.
  • Copying ID styles to a new class
  • Moving ID styles completely to a new class.
Style Flow

Adds a button to the right of the "Primary" and "Advanced" tabs to open a new panel, which shows all the styles added to the selected component - organized by selector. Further, clicking the "Edit" icon to the left of each property will do two things:

  1. Switch to that property's selector
  2. Open the corresponding advanced tab for super quick editing!
Admin Enhancer

Choose to include several necessary functions in the admin, which will help reduce clicks and provide ease-of-access. Items that you can currently choose from are:

  • Add custom categories to your templates, just as you would with post categories. This feature adds a Template Categories column to the templates list in Oxygen > Templates, adds a "Template Categories" submenu item to Oxygen, and adds a template categories filter.
  • Dropdowns for Templates, Reusables, and Blocks in the WP Admin top bar.
  • Replace Gutenberg's color palette with your Oxygen global colors.
  • Remove the option to add custom Gutenberg colors. (Great option if you have clients that should not be messing with colors).
  • Quick links to "Edit with Oxygen" for templates and blocks pages.
Viewport Buttons

Viewport Buttons adds a set of icon buttons to the component toolbar (the purple box that appears above/below the selected component in the viewport). Each button opens one of the "Advanced" style panels for super quick editing. Tests show an improvement in styling speed by 40-50%!

Viewport Context Menu

Right click on elements to open a context menu, which provides several menu options. Easily Duplicate, Rename, Make Re-Usable, Wrap with Div, Delete, or Add Link.

Viewport Optimizer

You probably don't need all your plugins to load when editing with Oxygen. Viewport Optimizer gives you the power to disable specific plugins from loading in the editor. Plugins for analytics, seo, and contact forms (to name a few) don't need to work when editing and can slow down the editor load times.

How to Set Up Viewport Optimizer
Handy Text

Handy Text adds an input box to the editor panel for editing text, headings, and span components. Great for a quick edit or for "rescuing" a now-blank text component.

Class Picker

Class Picker reveals an easy-to-use dropdown button to add classes from the entire list of classes via selection, rather than remembering all your class names or copying and pasting from other components.

Custom Block Categories

Tired of the default block library categories? Now you can customize them from a super simple editor! Your custom categories will be seen everywhere your library is used, including other sites.

Quick Buttons

Reduce mutli-click events to get to the Advanced panel you need. Quick Buttons adds a row of quick access icons for advanced panels to the style panel under "Primary" and "Advanced" tabs. Further, each tab will indicate styles have been added to the respective category with a small, bright-green indicator.

Quick Buttons

Keyboard Shortcuts

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Action Sequence
Select your choice to start keyboard actions, from CTRL/CMD, CTRL + ALT, or just ALT.
Save your work, duplicate the selected component, and rename components all without a single click.
Panel Toggles
Increase productivity speed by toggling all the different panels: editor/styles, structure, selectors, stylesheets, settings, and add+.
Toggle Viewport Width
Toggle viewport width based on all your media query settings.
As an advanced option, delete the currently selected component.

Custom Preferences

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Import / Export EE Settings
With the power of JSON, you can copy a JSON object and paste it to import your settings from one site to another in just a couple steps.
Interface Skins
Choose from a list of pre-designed interface skins (color schemes) to change the look of the Oxygen editor. Of course, you can choose "Oxygen Classic" to continue using the classic colors.
Panel Positioning
Select one of two options for panel positions - Classic or Right alignment. Classic is what you're used to, with styles and add+ panels on the left and all the others on the right. Right position brings the styles and add+ panels to the right side as well, and positions them side-by-side with the other panels.
For better workflow (and fewer broken necks looking back and forth on either side of the screen) Right positioning is recommended.
Open Panels on Editor Load
Get started quickly by auto-opening one or two side panels. Two options are available to choose to open the editor/styles panel and another panel of your choice on editor load.
Positioning for Media Query and Text Editor Buttons
Moving the media query selectors to the top bar provides line of sight information about the styles you have for different screen sizes. And, if you're cramped on space in the top bar, it may be a good idea to move the text editor buttons (for bold, italic, SPAN, etc) into the viewport area.
Switch Add+ Panels on Hover
A simple, yet obvious addition to reduce clicks when adding new components. Additionally, you can add the WordPress sub-tabs to reduce quite a few extra clicks.
Select from various time intervals to save your progress automatically.
Local Loading
As the name suggests, load key Oxygen assets locally.

Back to WordPress Links

Available Post Types
Post types are often created by plugins, like "Products" from WooCommerce, or even "Templates" from Oxygen. Choose from a thorough list of available post types to get back to various post list pages within your admin quickly.
Admin Pages
How many times have you wished there was a link directly to your WP Admin Dashboard? Plugins? Settings? Now you can include admin pages in the Back To Links.

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Editor Enhancer is a WordPress plugin that extends Oxygen Builder. Both are required to use Editor Enhancer.

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