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How to Set Up Editor Optimizer

Viewport Optimizer is an extension that allows you to disable plugins in either the interface, the viewport, or both. To set it up requires a few extra steps because a piece of it needs to load at a specific time. Read more about that below. Here's how to set it up:
  1. Find the main Editor Enhancer plugin folder ("editor-enhancer") in your plugins directory.
  2. Inside, open the folder called "goodies".
  3. Copy the file called "editor-enhancer-editor-optimizer.php".
  4. Move back up to your wp-content folder (the parent of your plugins directory).
  5. Create and/or enter the folder called "mu-plugins", which stands for "Must-Use Plugins".
  6. Inside the mu-plugins directory, paste the copied file from step 3.

You can now use Editor Optimizer!

Why the extra steps?

Viewport Optimizer (VO, for short) must load before all other plugins - including EE core, itself - so it can tell WordPress which plugins to disable. Otherwise, WordPress will continue to load all of your activated plugins, as it does by default. Some plugins use a folder called "mu-plugins," which stands for "Must-Use Plugins." The plugins in this directory are special and loaded first. By placing the VO control file in this directory, VO can now work its magic.
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