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Post Date: May 22, 2020
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Introduction to Editor Enhancer

A quick overview of the plugin that changed the game for Oxygen users.

Welcome, welcome! They say an image is worth 1000 words, so let's start with a screenshot of the Editor Enhancer user interface:

Editor Enhancer UI Screenshot
Editor Enhancer UI Screenshot

Woah, that's different!

Different, and extremely efficient. Getting around with ease is one of primary purposes that Editor Enhancer was first created. As you'll notice, there are quite a few changes made to the interface, namely:

  • The top bar has media query selectors, icons for panel toggles, a more compact feel.
  • The structure panel has icons, new styles, and - what you can't see - it is much easier to move things around.
  • The style panel (on the left) has a bunch of new buttons to move styles from an ID to a class, edit text from the panel, and simplify selectors so you only have to click once.
  • A box has popped up over the selected component with buttons to take you to the various advanced sub-panels.
  • A right-click menu is now available with common options.

More under the hood

These are just a few of the many awesome tools and upgrades available with Editor Enhancer. Not shown are enhancements for the WP Admin, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and a variety of extensions that you can enable or disable depending on your workflow.

More to come

I'm constantly building improvements and extensions for Editor Enhancer, so the next update is always just around the corner. Next up, we will cover installation and general preferences.

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