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Switch templates without leaving Oxygen Builder

Context Switching allows you to change over to your other templates, reusable parts, and pages in seconds - without leaving Oxygen Builder. Switch back and forth, and even refresh the dropdown with any new templates or pages you've created in other tabs.
Utilize the Context Switching extension to navigate Oxygen Builder templates quickly and easily
Utilize Style Flow to see all applied styles and manage them with surgical precision

Take control of your styles

Want to see every style you've applied? Style Flow displays all of a component's styles - id, classes, breakpoints, and pseudos - in a manageable grid. Click a style to teleport to where the style is set to make quick modifications. Surgically remove styles within the grid that are conflicting.
Read Style Flow Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of license is this?

Editor Enhancer licenses are for life. You will never be charged a renewal fee. Access to updates and support does not expire.

How does EE differ from other plugins?

Editor Enhancer has the largest suite of high-profile extensions and settings to improve workflow.
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What are the requirements to use Editor Enhancer?

Editor Enhancer is an addon plugin for Oxygen Builder, which requires a separate purchase. Your website needs to be running on WordPress. PHP version 7.4 is recommended.

What payment options are available?

Payments are securely processed by PayPal or Stripe. Select your preference at checkout.
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