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Editor Enhancer is a WordPress plugin that extends Oxygen Builder. Both are required to use Editor Enhancer.

Feature Comparison Tables

Click the plus (+) icons to expand features tables by category.


Extend Oxygen Builder with tools to improve your workflow. Choose to enable or disable as preferred.
Keyboard Shortcuts12204066
Copy / Paste *Tier 1Tier 2Tier 2Tier 3
Class Picker
Right-Click Menu
Handy Text
Advanced Shortcuts
Class Companion
Custom Block Categories
Editor Optimizer
Session Snapshots
Style Flow
Template Categories
Viewport Buttons


Preferences are lightweight alterations that you can choose to enable.
Styles Panel
Use compact, easy-access selectors for font weight
Use compact, easy-access selectors for heading tags
Show styles panel on clicking viewport component
Hide the styles panel when editor loads
Add+ Panel
Hover over buttons to switch Add+ Panel frames
Include WordPress subframes in main Add+ Panel button list
Display Add+ components as list
Keep Add+ Panel open while adding multiple elements (close by moving mouse outside of panel).
Other Panels
Enhance the structure panel with icons, easier dragging, and compactness
Show the structure panel when editor loads
Double the width of the library flyout panel
Top Bar
Include reference and link to currently editing
Move media query selectors to the top bar
Open WordPress links dropdown on hover
Use compact, easy-access topbar buttons
Convert the settings button to a dropdown for easy access to settings panels, and include helpful functions. Note, this setting should be paired with the compact topbar buttons.
Load Oxygen assets locally
Enable automatic saving (note: autosave will not be performed if you are editing text or heading components)
Admin Navigation & Organization
Enable dropdown for Oxygen Templates in WP Admin topbar
Enable dropdown for Oxygen Reusable Parts in WP Admin topbar
Enable dropdown for Oxygen Blocks in WP Admin topbar
Replace Gutenberg color palette with Oxygen global colors
Remove option to add custom colors in Gutenberg

Keyboard Shortcuts

Enable keyboard shortcuts to customize action sequences and hotkeys.
Wrap with DIV
Open Conditions
Toggle Zoom Lock
Copy / Paste
Components Tree
Components Tree + Class Names
Components Tree + Class Names + Import Class Styles
Single Component Class Names
Single Component Class Names + Import Class Styles
Panel Toggles
Add+ Panel
Style Panel
Structure Panel
Style Sheets Panel
Selectors Panel
Undo / Redo History
Advanced Background Panel
Advanced Size & Spacing Panel
Advanced Layout Panel
Advanced Typography Panel
Advanced Borders Panel
Advanced Effects Panel
Media Query Selection
Page Width
Phone Landscape
Phone Portrait
Add Components
Rich Text
Link Wrapper
Code Block
Inner Content
Helper Components
WordPress Components

Back to WP Links

Quick links added below Admin and Frontend to get you where you need to go.
WP Admin
General Post Types
Custom Post Types

* Copy/Paste Tiers Descriptions

  • Tier 1: Copy and Paste component trees and styles associated with IDs for all components within the tree.
  • Tier 2: Tier 1, plus optionally include class names for all components within the tree. Additionally, you have the option to import the styles associated with those classes to other sites.
  • Tier 3: Tier 2, plus options to copy/paste entire component class lists and import their styles.
Editor Enhancer - The Best UI for Oxygen Builder
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