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Troubleshooting Guide

(Last updated 24 February 2020)
Things happen. The following are the most common issues, solutions, and reasons for problems.

There's something wrong with the editor. It looks funny.

Caching is the likely culprit. Nearly 90% of the issues experienced after activating Editor Enhancer are resolved by clearing caches. Most browsers have caching enabled. Same with most servers. Because Oxygen Builder runs on the front end, it's possible that your server has cached the user interface produced by Oxygen. You should clear both your browser cache and server cache if you experience any issues.

How to Clear Browser Cache

How to clear browser cache in Chrome
How to clear browser cache in Firefox
How to clear browser cache in Safari

How to Clear Server Cache

Cloudways - Most Common Varnish Cache Issues & Problems

After migrating a website, Editor Enhancer stops working.

When you migrate a site, the license key and validity stored in the database will come with it. However, the license will not actually be associated with the new domain! To resolve this, follow these steps:

1) Go to the "License" subpage for Editor Enhancer.
2) Clear the contents of the input field and click "Save Changes"
3) Enter your license key and - again - click "Save Changes"
4) Click "Activate"

Your license should now be attributed to your new domain and Editor Enhancer should work again.

Icons are doubled up, or loading in weird places.

Lazy loading is used by many websites to load images in a delayed fashion to improve load speed. However, because Oxygen runs on the front end, this could prove to cause some issues. Try disabling lazy loading (if you have a plugin enabled with this feature).

A critical error is shown when opening the editor.

Editor Enhancer requires at least PHP 7.x to perform at its best. If you're not running the latest version of PHP, you really should - for many Google-able security reasons. This will be done on your host server through your hosting provider. Most hosts (good hosts) will be able to help you with this, and many provide a dashboard so you can do it yourself. Though, if you're not sure, it's better to ask.

Receiving "Invalid License" notice after attempting to activate.

When you purchase Editor Enhancer, you should receive an email with an invoice/receipt. The "Purchase Key" shown on this is NOT your product license key. You will find your license key in your account under Purchase History > View Details and Downloads.

I have a different issue from the ones listed above, or they didn't help.

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