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Post Date: July 18, 2021
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Update v4.3.0

This update provides a few usability improvements. Read below for more details and changelog.


After the last update 4.2.0 brought some great new features to Snapshots, I realized that switching between Snapshots could be made easier. So, I've extracted the restoration button for it to be more accessible, like so:

Other Improvements

  • Thank you to one of our power users for bringing a bug to my attention. After adding an item from a design set, the design sets options would be grayed out and unselectable. This is now fixed.
  • While working on the bug, I also decided to add a new setting to "fast-forward" through the design set panel to save another click.
  • The text formatting toolbar (in the top bar) displays when you're editing a text component. Sometimes, it's too wide or annoyingly in the middle. I've added another setting to float it on top of the top bar. Using this setting, just hit "Done" to go back to the top bar options.
Floating text formatting toolbar


As it appears in the plugin readme file:

  • Improvement: Snapshot restoration is more accessible by moving the function onto its own button.
  • Bug Fix: Reset design sets tab state after adding a design set component in Add+ panel.
  • New Setting: Fast Forward the Extra Library Panel - Open the design sets folder immediately when selecting Libraries panel.
  • New Setting: Float Text Formatting Toolbar - When editing text, position the top bar\'s text formatting toolbar above other top bar items.

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