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Post Date: May 8, 2021
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Version 4.1.0 Released

This update brings a few new settings to Editor Enhancer and a couple minor improvements on existing features. Read below for more details.

New setting: Enable user reauthorization

This setting is found in the general "Settings" tab. In the event you are signed out automatically by WP while editing with Oxygen, the quick sign in dialogue will be displayed so you can quickly sign back in and continue working. Typically, you would have to refresh the page and potentially lose all of your work!

What this setting does under the hood:

  • Enable the WP heartbeat to verify the user is logged in.
  • If user has been signed out or cookie has expired, dialogue window will pop up asking user to sign in again.
  • When successfully signed in, dialogue will disappear and user can return to editing in Oxygen.

New setting: Convert global settings button to dropdown list

This setting is found in the general "Settings" tab. Rather than just a button to toggle the global settings panel, use a dropdown with shortcuts and helpful functions. Details:

  • Child setting of "Compact Topbar"
  • Parent button can be used for toggling settings panel
  • Useful function "Rebuild DOM"
  • Useful function "Show Hotkey Map" if Hotkeys extension is enabled

New settings: Limit Snapshots and Context Switching Use to Only Selected User Roles

For Snapshots and Context Switching, optionally adhere to settings in Oxygen > Settings > Client Control > Role Manager.

It's possible that you've disallowed editors (for example) to be able to use Oxygen. However, you may also enable specific editors by username to use Oxygen. It may also be that you'd prefer these editors to not be allowed to use specific EE features - regardless of being allowed to use Oxygen. These features that could be convoluted or cause problems are Snapshots and Context Switching.

You can now force Context Switching and Snapshots to adhere to the role management settings that you selected in Oxygen settings. This will allow you to choose specific users to continue using Oxygen, but if their roles are disabled globally then they will not be able to use these features if the option is selected to limit them.

Two Small Improvements

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